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Call for transformation

Change is happening all around us in a rapidly increasing pace. New technology is booming, replacing labour with robots. The complexity of the financial systems becomes too much for humans to grasp. Businesses competition is based on price and therefore the focus on productivity is fierce, placing a significant pressure on the workforce. Many people become burnout.

In this context, Lydia Connect sees a new, countercultural, transformational leadership emerging. Leaders who yearn to be real, doing the right thing, connected to their calling in life, storytellers with a heart and mind to change the world into a better place. Lydia Connect supports these leaders and cultivates transformational leadership.

Our Story

Welcome to Lydia Connect!

Do you know that feeling? Staying within a confined space where that what you need is lacking?

It is time to explore what changes you desire to be an authentic leader!

As a trades person, the woman Lydia from Thyatira who lived around 50 AC decided to move to Philippi, a Roman colony and trade city in Macedonia. The reason for doing that was marketing, the Roman emperor had decided that only high Roman officials were allowed to wear purple. To sell the precious purple of her city Thyatira, she decided to move to Philippi, the place where she could reach her customers, the high Roman officials. Philippi was a Roman colony on the major east-west trade route, the Egnation Highway, between Rome and Asia. Lots of tradespersons traveled behind the Roman army at the Egnation Highway and brought products into Rome and further into the Roman empire. Lydia made a very strategic choice to settle in Philippi and soon she sold her purple to the Roman court and developed friendly relations with people from the Roman court. Besides the spatial borders she also went beyond personal constraints, attending gatherings where she met new people and was exposed to new ideas and beliefs.

As a leader you will function more effectively in an environment that brings all the ingredients that you need together.

Challenge yourself to go beyond your comfort zone and to expect the unexpected!

The services we provide

Transformational Leadership (TL) is our program focused on implementing relactional leadership; where relationships and transactions collide, removing personal and organizational constraints.

We offer a range of services: online training, facilitated classes, local networking groups, roundtables, a practical modular approach and live training. Under consultancy we also offer customized services fully tailored to your requirements.

Export Readiness

Our Export Readiness (ER) program gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to establish their position in the international market. It teaches you how to develop and market your product in a way that other markets than your own are reached and served, cultivating long-term trade and business relations.

Topics included are: entrepreneurship, trends, product(ion) excellence, storytelling, media, pricing, regulations, transport and long-term relationships.


Together with our partners we globally cultivate leadership that invests in life-giving solutions for you personally and your business. We deliver tailor-made consultancy for shifting personal leadership, removing personal and organizational constraints and building high-performing teams. Please contact us to explore the possibilities!


We have a dream to reinstate and celebrate the original design for nations and people groups. In order to do this we need to become transformational leaders, sensitive to history and the future, rebuilding the ancient foundations. We offer events that celebrate the original design of nations and people groups and transformational leadership. Please contact us to explore the possibilities!

Always be honest

There is no worse mistake in public leadership than to hold out false hopes soon to be swept away.

Winston Churchill

Are you affected by a crisis?

Never waste a crisis, it is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Tiemen Fahner

Get rid of your box!

It is time to come out of your box. Beyond the box in itself is not enough, the box needs to be erased from your system. Instead you need to focus on purpose, the why of your business.

Be prepared for change in order to direct yourself and your business to your purpose.

Monique Fahner


Let the truth be heard!

So many of us daily encounter that truth is not being heard. We as leaders need to build a culture of truth. How do we do that?

  1. Lead your people with questions, not with answers.
  2. Freely engage in dialog and have debates, don’t force anybody.
  3. When something dies, conduct an autopsy together and do not blame anybody.
  4. Implement a culture where people can raise red flags.

You will notice that where truth is heard, freedom arises!

Going for Generational Leadership

Leaders, concerned more with their own reputation for personal greatness, often fail to set the company up for success in the next generation. – Jim Collins (adapted)

LYDIA Connect says this world is in a leadership crisis: many of today’s leaders care more about themselves and their image than about those who follow them. Our TL-Training addresses this crisis. This unique training empowers mutual relationships and removes constraints, resulting in clear goals and better performance. Explore for yourselves!

Read more at https://connect.lydia.international/transformational-leadership.

Try something new!

Today I came across this post. It hit a nerve, sometimes we overstate our professional views. Be open to try something new!

Unavoidable change

“Over time, I have learned two important lessons: 1) all personal feedback is relevant and 2) change seldom occurs until the pain of staying the same exceeds the pain of changing.” – Ford Taylor (Transformational Leadership)


Being a pioneer involves breaking through walls and barriers, you got to have tenacity! But the joy, oh the joy!

Do you see it?

Often we are so in the moment that we cannot really see what is going on, especially when under pressure. That is why we advise you to keep asking for honest feedback from your team, peers and leaders to keep improving. Not all feedback may be true, but all feedback is relevant!

You have to see it (knowledge), in order to own it (attitude) and then you can change it (behaviour)! All change starts with seeing it! Even stronger…, no relational or organisational change will happen without: see it, own it and change it.

Lydia Connect registered!

Our company Lydia Connect is now officially registered since 20 April 2018. We are honoured to offer you four services: transformational leadership training, export readiness training, consultancy and events. Stay tuned!

We elevate true leaders beyond limitations.

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