Why is our company called LYDIA Connect?

We often receive that question. And we think it is good to explain. See below for two lenses!


A story of personal leadership

As a trades person, the woman Lydia from Thyatira who lived around 50 AC decided to move to Philippi, a Roman colony and trade city in Macedonia. The reason for doing that was marketing; the Roman emperor had decided that only high Roman officials were allowed to wear purple. To sell the precious purple of her city Thyatira, she decided to move to Philippi, the place where she could reach her customers, the high Roman officials.

Philippi was a Roman colony on the major east-west trade route, the Egnation Highway, between Rome and Asia. Lots of tradespersons traveled behind the Roman army at the Egnation Highway and brought products into Rome and further into the Roman empire.

Lydia made a very strategic choice to settle in Philippi and soon she sold her purple to the Roman court and developed friendly relations with people from the Roman court. Besides the spatial borders she also went beyond personal constraints, attending gatherings where she met new people and was exposed to new ideas and beliefs.

We believe Lydia was a woman of exceptional leadership, intentionally delivering generational business.

We want to connect you with this kind of LYDIA leadership, healthy leadership, delivering good solutions, being a force for good and providing generational continuity.

The Kingdom Lydia

A story of organisational leadership

Traditionally, traders always had a chance to get scammed. The composition or weight of the gold or silver you got paid in, could be tampered with. Trade was time-consuming and only reserved for experts who could determine weight and composition. Thus, trading with gold or silver as a means of exchange was rare.

Around 650 BC, the very first coins are issued by the Kingdom of Lydia. Although the shape is somewhat irregular, but the weight and the composition is fixed. Coins with the Lydia mark are quickly widely accepted by retailers. Even Greece is taking over the system of retail trade and coins. Lively markets are emerging in more and more cities, which was unprecedentedly revolutionary at the time.

The Kingdom Lydia has been famous for its merchants, their leader probably foresaw how they could gain by using coins. After the issuance of coins, the principle of multiplication got a whole new meaning. The system of products traded at fixed value expressed in currencies was taken over and transferred from one trader to another. Together, traders formed a market. The market was where everyone, both buyers and sellers, knew how things were going. Classic structures fell away, there was not a ruler who dominated everything. The market was a haven for creativity and multiplication.

The Kingdom of Lydia tells a story on organisational leadership. A leader makes the difference by issuing coins. The difference you want to make with your company may sound unprecedented revolutionary. But how wonderful it would be if others would buy into your idea. Imagine, your team multiplies your idea and ignites the entire organisation!

What if your “tribe” comes together to form a haven for creativity and together exerts a positive impact on all stakeholders? Making a difference shifts the focus from earning money to truly appreciating each other and each other’s products or initiatives. Then, money will be brought back to a means of appreciating each other and creating freedom.

Our team

Tiemen Fahner

Tiemen Fahner

director / founder

Tiemen is an entrepreneur and transformational leader who is passionate about empowering people to discover and fully exploit their potential. He has more than 20 years experience as a senior executive and program manager within Shell. He is adept at building organizations and has thorough knowledge of the development of new products, concepts and services. His strength lies in advising teams with the aim of healthy relationships and high performance.


Competencies & Skills

  • Educated as IT professional with further training in the areas of Business Management, Project / Programme Management and Organisational Development.
  • Senior Executive for an international community of teams.
  • Lead Programme Manager for complex international cross-business projects.
  • Operations Manager for IT services delivered to operating units worldwide.
  • Experienced with building teams and improving organisational effectiveness.


  • Transformational Leadership, FSH Strategy Consultants
  • Leader of Communities, Shell Learning
  • IT Strategic Business Partner Program, IMD Business School
  • Emerging Leaders, Shell Learning
  • Project Management, PMP, Project Management Institute
  • Partner in ICT-enabled business development, Sioo – Organisation and Change Management
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology, Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden
  • Followed technical, (IT) (service/project) management, negotiation, audit, change and communication courses.
Monique Fahner

Monique Fahner

director / founder

Monique is an entrepreneur with a heart for economic justice. As a political scientist she found that when politically nothing is possible, entrepreneurs can offer a solution or outcome. She mobilizes and inspires entrepreneurs to bring lasting transformation to society. Her strength lies in innovation, improvisation and perseverance to realize creative solutions in complex situations.


Competencies & Skills

  • Educated as researcher specialised in the areas of International Politics, Comparative Politics and Developmental Politics.
  • Educator and speaker for vulnerable groups.
  • Researcher/ co-worker on several community projects.
  • Organiser/ co-worker on projects/ seminars.


  • Transformational Leadership, FSH Strategy Consultants
  • Political Science B.A. and M.A., Leiden University
  • PABO (Teacher Elementary School), Christelijke Hogeschool Noord Nederland
  • PABO (Teacher Elementary School), De Driestar
  • HEAO (Finance and Economy College), Ichtus Hogeschool

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