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We offer several coaching services for you individually (as leader) or your team to serve your business.

Empowering leadership

What is empowering leadership? Leadership where you build a culture with healthy relationships, removing blockers and building capacity in your organisation.

High-performing teams

Everybody talks about high-performing teams. But what if we give you the tools and coaching to build one?

Remove organisational blockages

Sometimes you hit road blocks, where you wonder how to proceed. We help you to remove these blockages through coaching tools and systemic set-ups.

Empowering leadership

Empowering leadership depends on how healthy we relate to others. Our leadership coaching helps you to be a business leader that builds and fosters healthy relationships. How? By clarifying what is at the root of the “issues at stake” from business-client relations to internal leadership dynamics. Through coaching sessions and if necessary systemic set-ups, we detect the underlying causes. To solve these issues, we provide you with a custom-made advice that combines the tools of Transformational Leadership (TL) with tools practical in your situation.

We do not believe in cookie cutter solutions and together we work to that point where take ownership and you do what needs to be done. We assist you to be the best version of yourself as a leader.

The coaching sessions will be thoroughly discussed in one or two preperation-meetings. During our coaching you get clarity of the “issues at stake”, by insights that you yourself will provide. You will come up with the necessary measures and/or changes that need to be taken and we will assist you to get to this point.

High-performing teams

Many business leaders dream of team members who take responsibility without being asked. Or they dream of high performers that take the whole team to a higher level. It doesn’t happen automatically, but what are the keys of getting there? High-performing teams do more than just perform, our coaching starts with defines what ingredients are necessary and helps your team to get there.

How? First, you learn to plot your team on the High Performing Team quadrant, which gives you the necessary insights on what is missing or what is not working. Then, you develop a plan to make the necessary improvements. We use the tools from the TL-training and custom-made best practice tools.

Remove organisational blockages

An organization will not grow further than its leadership, but also will not grow further than its systems, procedures and processes.

We use the theory of constraints methodology in which you learn to detect and remove constraints with a logical step by step approach. First, you get to the bottom of the issue and then you solve the issue in a thorough way. Any illogical measurements are removed and replaced by healthy and clearly defined ones.

Our Tariffs

Our aim is to charge you a fair tariff for our services. We understand there can be cases where our prices may challenge you. Since our business principle is “pay it forward”, we are open for reduced tariffs and payback models.

Check our “pay it forward” page for more info on what we do with a part of our revenue.

All our prices are excl. 21% VAT.


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