Export Readiness Training

The Export Readiness (ER) training Lydia Connect facilitates in partnership with the South African Creative Industries Incubator and Lydia Trade (trade.lydia.international) is essential to create equal access to the global market for creative entrepreneurs limited by domestic trade. The purpose of the training is to enhance vision and to teach, train and equip to actually do the paradigm shift(s).

There are multiple ways the training can be delivered to your organization or business. The price list is available on request, simply click “contact us” below and mention you want to receive the price list.

Unique Selling Point seminar

(1 day)

With this intensive 1 day training we will take you through storytelling and how to define the USP (Unique Selling Point) of your business. This day contains theory, examples, discovering your core values, storytelling practice and valuable feedback from several business experts.

Trend watching seminar

(1 day)

Building on existing trends and setting new trends is absolute key to the success of your business. This innovative 1 day training including a workshop will connect you to your dream and give you the ingredients to spot, follow, enhance and create new trends. This fun day contains a lot of practice.

Destination training

(5 days)

This 5 days training gives you as creative entrepreneur the ingredients and tools to effectively introduce your business to the global market. We help you to connect to your vision, purpose and mission as well as teach, train, equip and empower you to be a market player and build relationships with your customers.

Unique Selling Point (USP) seminar

This 1 day training is aimed at preparing entrepreneurs to:


Tell your (business) story with impact


Connect with your core values which drives your passion


Formulate the USP for your business

We ask the participants to prepare their story before the seminar and bring their products along to ensure maximum benefit.

Trend watching seminar

This 1 days training is aimed to teach, train and equip creative entrepreneurs with tools how to do trend watching. This day includes:



Viewing trends emerging on the international market


Learning how to spot, follow and enhance trends through a workshop method from Trendwatching.com


Investigating the international trends applicable to your business and, possibly, creating a new trend!

The participants need to have a business and a product in order to attend the seminar.

Destination training

This training takes you as creative entrepreneur through a 5 days deep learning journey about yourself, your business, products, market and above all: your relationship with your customers.

Day 1

Your business drive

The world trading system

This world needs you

Day 2

Learning from others

The benefit of trend spotting

Production excellence is paramount

Day 3

Your story(telling)

Developing your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Media and campaigns

Day 4



Packaging and transport

Day 5

After sales, keep the connection going

The role of innovation

Start with your end goal in mind

The participants need to have a registered business and several products in order to attend the training.

We elevate true leaders beyond limitations.

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